In today’s world, we are aware that our health and well-being are not simply a matter of the physical, but rather a connected process involving our thoughts and feelings. We are able to see ourselves holistically and more in keeping with the reality of how we function. Consequently, the practice of meditation is increasing in many parts of the world as a means to a better quality of life.

Meditation is a state of profound deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent, yet completely alert. A thoughtless awareness. During meditation, the mind and attention is focused on a single object, image, thought or feeling. It is known to be one of the most effective forms of stress reduction and one of the easiest ways to improve well-being. 

There is much published data in the west proving the undisputed benefits of meditation upon health and wellbeing.

The goal of meditation is to slow down or stop the incessant activity of the mind and to cultivate an inner calm and positive state of being. Authentic meditation allows us to focus on the present moment, rather than to dwell on the unchangeable past, or the undetermined future.

To just be….

Many things in life are beyond our control, however it is possible to take responsibility for our own state of mind and to change that for the better. With regular practice, meditation can deepen into a profoundly peaceful and energised state of mind and the positive ripple can then flow out to all areas of our lives.