Hi, my name is Sanela

I have an Honours Degree in Psychology from Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. I am a clinical psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, Reiki healer and counsellor. I am also an educator where I present workshops for the mainstream public as well as professional practitioners to further develop their skills and understanding of various psychological disorders. As a meditation practitioner, I am the founder of the Australian Peace, Harmony and Love Project where the focus is in developing inner transformations that leads to focused attention, emotional balance, altruism and inner peace. 

My passion is to allow my clients to move into a place more desirable than where they are right now. I use scientific tools, my personal knowledge and my deep insight to help them overcome the challenges that they face on a daily basis. Together, we work as a team to find their core issue, to take that issue out and to work through it. In that process my clients discover their desired path and develop a behaviour that enables them to achieve their wishful outcome. In that process I am only their leading hand.  My unique approach enables me to work with individuals and couples of all age groups of diverse backgrounds and different emotional, mental and psychological states.

Through challenging life experiences, I have developed a spirit of compassion and this, in conjunction with my natural scientific mind, has led me to pursue a broad range of learning opportunities. My personal growth and ongoing thirst for knowledge enables me to continue to upgrade a greater understanding of the issues that my clients face, leading to more successful outcomes. Although I follow current scientific paths, my clients’ needs and desires may lead me to also implement traditional practices in my therapy (Past life regression and Life between lives regression). Consequently, each session with me is unique.

My passion and calling is to help each and every person who crosses my path to create positive changes in their lives. It is all about moving forward…

If there are issues in your life you would like to resolve or change, or if you are simply curious about exploring more of who you are, then we should talk.