Why Are We Here?

Why are we here?

We are each a system composed of elements, chemicals, atoms, flesh and bones that we still do not fully understand and yet we recognise ourselves by name. Our identities and our personalities spring out from the source we desperately try to name, although we truly do not know and do not truly understand. We are constantly trying to organise our consciousness and unconsciousness that coagulates into our reality, while most of the time forgetting to listen to our inner voice. We may even be touched through some acceleration of consciousness or other forms of being, or even other dimensions of reality that at times we use as a guiding tool to assist us in our own desires, our own dreams, our own yearning towards creativity and perfection that we barely understand.

Despite our lack of understanding of who we are and why we are here, Universal wisdom persistently and consistently reminds us through our inner voices, sometimes through a hint of unquestionable insights and intuitions. These messages, Universal wisdom, speaks to each of us personally and it is up to us to listen and respond accordingly. And if we truly listen to the thoughts that float in our mind and in our dreams and truly pay attention to the coincidences, or if you prefer synchronicity in our lives, and if we pay full attention to the smallest and seemingly inconsequential human interaction, then and only then we are fully responding to all of our inner messages. Consequently, we may be responding to the inner wisdom that is connected with universal energy which always helps us to grow if we listen to our own knowing, that defies our own three-dimensional knowledge and gives us a clear understanding as to why we are here.

Logically, when our individual’s state of consciousness is purely and clearly connected to universal energy (God, Energy field, Universal intelligence, Divine Matrix, whichever name you prefer) which is the pure frequency of love, we grow spiritually because we increase the capacity of love and I personally believe that is a reason why we are here – to love. Yes, you heard me clearly, we are here to love and be loved, to expand love not only as a sentimental feeling passed onto the objects of our attention but as a universal construct of creativity and the creation which we are clearly a part of. Therefore, please be more compassionate and loving towards yourself and others, because remember you are here to love and be loved, as well here to utilise your personal skills, your gift/s your inner calling and every time you do so you feel totally in alignment with who you truly are and consequently you feel more happier and more loving towards yourself and others.


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