The War on Love…

The War Against Love !!

These days we often hear the phrase “the war against” this and that. Out there, there is a war against crime, war against drugs, war against poverty, war against terrorism, war against cancer, war against teenage pregnancies and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, whenever I hear these well – meaning statements I know they are all prone to failure due to the simple fact whenever we fight, we strengthen and wherever we resist that persists.

To this day, despite all these wars, we have a drastic increase in crime and drug related offences, and the prison population is on an increase. Furthermore, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association in the United States, medical treatment is the third-leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. We also can’t forget that the United States is a leading researcher in the Western World and all other countries closely mimic their behaviour and share the same or similar outcomes in their own countries. I think the picture is quite clear and all this “the war against” that we are closely focusing and fighting, are on a drastic increase that threatens to completely destroy all of us.

Therefore, I decided that it will be perfectly normal and more than beneficial that we all once and for all proclaim “the war against love”. Yes, you are reading it right, I want us all to proclaim The War Against Love!! If we do so, we have an opportunity to constantly talk about love. And yes I can hear you, if we proclaim the war against love than we need to talk about love and to talk about different loves and why we are afraid to face them and why we cannot persist in loving notions and why we cannot love ourselves and others. Yes, that is all true, but we will still talk about love and we will only focus on love. And if we persist against the war on love we will not only be able to draw love upon us, but we will also be able to drown the love all around us, because remember wherever we fight, we strengthen, and wherever we resist, we persist. Therefore, let’s all proclaim The War Against Love…❤️🌟

P.S. Whoever You are, whatever You do, I Love You…💛

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